21歲那年她毅然隻身到澳洲學習香薰。回港之後,23歲的她開設自己第一間的美容中心,其間一直不斷地做研究,累積超過10000個以上的案例 (包括整全性的面部和身體療程), 從中研究出天然又適合大眾的護膚品。



Gienne brand story

The Gienne you see now is a confident, independent and fashionable lady. But in the past, she used to be such a vulnerable and rebellious girl who lacked confidence and dreamt about true freedom.

She never was the Miss Perfect in school. She suffered from her obesity and was a grumpy introvert. Later she realized that she inherited the sensitive genes from her parents, and no skincare brand could help her fix her problematic skin condition.

At the age of 21, she decided to go to Australia alone to study aroma therapy. After returning to Hong Kong at 23 years old, she opened her first beauty center where she buried herself into heavy research and studied over 10000 customer cases before she finally formulated her first skincare product.

10 years after, she has gained a loyal customer base who love and enjoy her skincare products. She realized that her mission is to help those troubled by problematic skin and regain confidence just like how she helped herself. This is the reason why she created GIENNE SKINCARE and she wants to communicate the positive vibes through her products. Gienne will continue to create quality, effective and affordable products while perfectly mixing the brand with artistic lifestyle.

GIENNE SKINCARE是由Gienne Tsui(徐紫昕小姐)於2005年創立的同名全天然護膚品牌。作為擁有超過十多年經驗的專業香薰調配師,Gienne真正了解天然有機香薰油改善皮膚的神奇作用,研發出市面上罕有的全天然抗衰老、抗敏感護膚品牌。在十多年間積累了很多忠實客戶顧客的信賴,他們皮膚的改善不斷給予我們新的靈感,亦是Gienne護膚系列成長至今的重要動力。

GIENNE SKINCARE was founded by Ms Gienne Tsui in 2005, a skincare brand which creates natural skincare products. As a professional aroma therapist for over 10 years, Gienne truly understands the natural effects of essential oils that improve skin condition, therefore develop all-natural anti-aging and anti-sensitive skincare products that are rarely found in the market. She has earned a lot of faithful customers over the years and the change of their skin continues to give Gienne new inspirations and drive the brand to achieve more.



Our mission

Gienne was always troubled by sensitive skin when she was young, She wants to help people who lack confidence due to the same reason and help them gain confidence with her experise.



Our faith

Gienne formulate the products based on different characteristics of natural aroma essential oils. The result is more than just cure the problematic skin, but to balance their skin as well as their mind. We believe our products can help our customers find peace and relax in such busy city life. We take care of your skin, your confidence and your mind.



Our principle

We insist to know each customer in person before recommending any of our products. We want to understand each customer and to find the most suitable product that will really work for them. We also insist on use of the ingredients with the highest quality, so our customers will not suffer from chemical substances.



Our goal

We hope that through the best quality selection of ingredients and effective formula, our all-natural skincare products can truly heal your skin and soul from inside out.



Our Slogan

“Time to love yourself” Our skin is irreplaceable, so we set out to provide the best skincare products for our customers.